Tundra Series Drinking Glasses

Tundra Series Drinking Glasses

Dougherty Glassworks


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The Tundra series drinking glasses from Dougherty Glassworks are available in a 3.5 highball, or 5" drinker size. 
Featuring an ergonomic thumb divot for a very tactile experience while having a cocktail, smoothie, or whatever it is you are enjoying. 
A matrix of bubbles and the DGW logo gives visual interest to the inside of the glass. 
Mix or match with 6 tundra series colors, or check out the Borealis series for brighter, playful tones.

* Each piece of Dougherty Glasswork is handmade and individually unique. some may have slight variations in color or small bubbles from the furnace. Theses are evidence of the process by which they are made.