The Fu Manchu – Single Malt

aunts & uncles


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50 x 26 x 21 cm 

Main case with two zipper sections, front pocket with snap buckles, zipper section on backside.

Main case with zipper, solid carrying straps, cotton lined adjustable shoulder strap
vintage fittings, matching lining, mobile pouch, insert pocket, pen- and key holder.


The aunts&uncles “Good Old Friends” collection is made of semi vegetable tanned premium buffalo leather. A thick and robust leather that is oiled, waxed and refined by hand make these bags almost indestructible. A pre-ageing process give the leather a heritage look and feel. The more you wear these bags the better they get. The leather develops its own patina making each bag truly unique with time.

Leather Care:

aunts&uncles recommends natural leather care products that are made of natural oils and waxes. For surface dirt aunts&uncles recommends wiping the entire bag with a damp cloth (no soap) and let it dry. For small scratches or minor discolorations aunts&uncles recommends the same technique or to massage these spots with your fingers. The enclosed oils in the vegetable tanned leather will surface revitalize the leather.