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We all know that handwashing is an essential part of staying healthy. At Way of Will, we take it one step further by creating hand washes that contain natural, skin-loving ingredients that aim to make you feel great both physically and mentally. Our Stay Healthy hand wash not only keeps your skin cleansed and purified, but its special blend of citrus and mint essential oils elevates mood and dispels feelings of negativity to keep you cheerful and upbeat during these trying times. No matter what challenges are thrown your way, your happiness and wellness should always remain a constant.


Lemon Essential Oil – Elevates mood, brightens skin, and powerful against impurities
Peppermint Essential Oil – Naturally detoxifies while giving skin a cooling, refreshing sensation
Spearmint Essential Oil – Combats feelings of negativity and alleviates stress while thoroughly cleanses deep beneath skin’s surface
Key Lime Essential Oil – Invigorates the senses, and promotes blood circulation