Reassembly Bath Salts- Black Magic

Reassembly Bath Salts- Black Magic



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 These captivating bath crystals are perfect for gift giving or for luxurious self care.  Solar  and epsom salts help to draw out impurities from the skin and soothe on a muscular level.  Black magic bath crystals are scented with Blackwood botanical fragrance in combination with our sacred mystical blend of bath soak herbs, salts and oils, creating a spell binding and sensual bathing experience. Large size (12 oz) comes in a glass bottle and small size (340 grams) comes in a beautiful black velvet bag that can be reused for spells, crystals, cards.


 All reassembly products are vegan. We don't use any harsh surfactants, parabens or hormone-mimicking ingredients (duh) and we lovingly source all our ingredients from the best and most sustainable and ethical sources from around the world.