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Mrs. Pancake

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Grandma's Luxury Club

aunts&uncles "Grandmas Luxury Club” collection combines nostalgia and modern design. Its rather vintage looking hardware, small ornaments, frame construction and clip closures reminiscent of the purses Grandma used to wear in her golden days. Multi-functional backpacks with padded notebook compartments, clean lines and design by functionality bring these bags into the modern age.

Large Handbag

30.00 x 33.00 x 10.00 cm


main case with snap fasteners and latch, cotton lined removable and adjustable shoulder strap, part of the strap is removable so bag can also be carried as a shoulder bag, characteristically crinkled leather structure, bag vertically adjustable via side straps, striped lining, cell phone pocket, card case, pen and key holder


    main case with zipper section, zipper section on back side, removable extra pouch


      The bags from the Grandma's Luxury Club Collection are made of sun-dried premium cowhide. The cowhide is semi vegetable tanned, and treated by hand to create a unique finish of contrasting matte and shiny effects. Thanks to this manual treatment, each bag is completely unique.